Boocat Unleashed

By Barbara Sharik

Barbara Sharik writes a weekly humor column "Life in the Last Lane" in the Bastrop (Louisiana) Daily Enterprise newspaper and a monthly humor column "Runnin' the Roads" in the Louisiana Road Trips magazine. Besides having published several books of poetry, a couple volumes of short stories, a humorous novel, a collection of cartoons, seven annual compilations of collections of her newspaper and magazine columns, she was published in Dark and Stormy Rides Again (Penguin Books) and in the World's Best Short Stories (of all time) (Quality Paperback Books). Barbara loves her animals, especially the "thrice rejected, emotionally conflicted," black as coal BooCat, who appears on the cover of BooCat Unleashed. But you would be wrong to suppose that this is simply a book about a cat. It's a memoir of a long life filled with joys and sorrows, an essay on the beauty of nature, and an exploration of the mysterious bond between humans and animals.

Barbara describes Boocat Unleashed:

Laced with humor and a medley of outspoken old lady opinions formed from a lifetime of experiences while living Life in the Last Lane at my home-place, Wit's End Comedy Club in rural northeast Louisiana, the book BooCat Unleashed is a chronicle featuring a thrice-rejected, emotionally conflicted kitten I adopted following the deaths on the same day of my mother and my 13-year old cat. BooCat Unleashed is an inspirational journey: complicated cat meets complex old woman who together create the glue to patch up glaring gaps, mend rips and tears in each other's emotional psyches. With every stitch sewn, humor flows making the voyage more remarkable than the average human-pet relationship. It could be called a biography of a cat. It's also a handbook for cat owners, rich with accurate facts including cat phrases and superstitions. It's the quintessential animal book touching on an array of creatures and critters crossing the path of the new cat.

Boocat Unleashed: The Illustrated Biography of a Cat (ISBN: 978-1-929919-27-7), published by Camp Pope Publishing, 6 x 9” softcover, with 90 photgraphs and illustrations, 440 pages. $20.00. Order from, or for a personalized copy, autographed by both Barbara and BooCat, send $20.00 plus $5.00 postage to Barbara Sharik, 16813 McGinty Road, Jones, LA 71250.

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Read what people are saying about Boocat Unleashed:

"...Heartwarming and humorous...Move over Marley. BooCat is in town."

"Get this book, you won't be able to put it down."

"It's an awesome made me laugh and cry."

"Just a joy to read & I would advise everyone to get this book."

"... it leaves you wanting more when you finish it."

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More Boocat titles are available:

BooCat: Dancing Naked in the Rain

November 2011
248 pages, illustrated
Published by It's Barbara's Business!
Printed by CreateSpace, USA
Available on
Kindle version also available
*Note: a portion of all sales of this volume is donated to the Morehouse Humane Society, Bastrop Louisiana.
Synopsis: Non-fiction. BooCat, a thrice-rejected, emotionally conflicted rescued cat, is the main character. The story line begins with a mini capsule of how BooCat was rescued and how she in turn rescued her new human from a copperhead snake in the house and continues, covering the second year of her life. BooCat: Dancing Naked in the Rain differs from BooCat Uneashed in that we hear directly from BooCat herself. She is often snippy, very bossy, vain, believes the world evolves around her—typical cat mentality. She emanates every cat trait, and also wages a continuing war with the little Chihuahua, TacoBelle, but has adopted the doxie, Rosie, as her personal pet. Above all, she sees it as her duty to take care of her human.

BooCat: Living in My Lap

April 2012
258 pages, illustrated
Published by It's Barbara's Business!
Printed by CreateSpace, USA
Available on
Kindle version also available
Synopsis: Non-fiction. BooCat: Living in My Lap is the third in a series about a unique cat, who, as in BooCat: Dancing Naked in the Rain, shares the authorship with her human counterpart. As with the first two books, the volume is laced with humor and interspersed with inspiration. Like the original BooCat Unleashed, where complicated cat meets complex old woman who together create the glue to patch up each other's psyches, this volume continues in much that same vein. The fun delivered with BooCat putting in her two-cent's worth keeps the humor flowing, making the human-cat relationship an enjoyable read, yet easy to identify with. BooCat is very outspoken and has plenty to say. However, as with every animal story ever written, every animal movie ever shown, there is the sadness encountered because to own pets means joining a most fragile circle. This volume presents a degree of sorrow that cannot be avoided, even while it brings delight. To read BooCat: Living in My Lap is to shed tears of both joy and tears of broken heartedness. An unforgettable story sure to affect the heart of the reader long after the cover is closed. It is a good read for the entire family. *Bonus: Included at the back of his volume are two BooCat Kitty-Cat CookBooks: Human Cat-Food and Authentic Cat-Food. Also, a complete listing of all Cat Holidays and Black Cat Superstitions.

BooCat Throws a Frisbee

Available by the end of October 2012
348 pages, illustrated
Published by It's Barbara's Business!
Printed by CreateSpace, USA
Available on
Kindle version also available
Synopsis: BooCat Throws a Frisbee blends the old South that is Louisiana with tales of humor and honest emotions, certain to stir a heart string and to always evoke a smile. It is an easy read overall, quite whimsical, full of light-hearted humor and is completely narrated by BooCat herownself. Completely fiction, BooCat makes her home with Lacy, a young adult who was adopted by Aunty when her parents were killed in an automobile accident. Aunty is an outspoken eighty-year old, very wise, sharp as the proverbial tack, leader of the pack. If Aunty doesn't know the answer it's because the question hasn't been asked. A multitude of supporting characters (who are indeed characters) pass through the pages. This varied and checkered cast of characters is introduced throughout, and while this unusual team of "detectives" encounters one problem after another, each "case" ends with the various mysteries solved to some degree of satisfaction—considering justice is being served in pure Southern-Fried style. This volume follows the lives of these various characters living in a tiny Southern village in Louisiana and overall accentuates the joy of living life in the Sunny South, because, “maybe Northerners are the way they are because it�s much cooler up there. Snow. Ice. Bone Chilling cold. Not enough sunlight. Depressing to not have enough warmth and light. No wonder here�s such a difference between folks from the South and those Northerners; not to mention vocabulary and accent. Unlike Northerners, who need a shoulder to cry on, Sisters of the South use them to laugh on.” (Quote from Chapter 1). Each chapter encompasses an individual tale told uniquely through the eyes of BooCat, a very astute, often sarcastic, yet wise cat that makes her home with the young hero and her ancient but quite perspicacious auntie. It is suitable for the whole family... featuring mysteries, profundities, heartwarming tales with satisfying conclusions. Being told by an unusual cat (already with an audience familiar with the BooCat non-fiction series: BooCat Unleashed, BooCat: Dancing Naked in the Rain and BooCat: Living in my Lap), BooCat veers off her beaten literary path with BooCat Throws a Frisbee. This book is purely fictional fun and will be enjoyed by animal lovers, readers that enjoy a book about the South in general and Louisiana in particular, mystery readers (much in the simple style of Agatha Christie—authentic crimes being solved satisfactorily each time), anyone who likes a warm and fuzzy happy ending, most ages. Despite the idea of a book being told by a cat, it is not a children�s book. Intelligence is not demanded, however, “big words’ do roll off the tongue of the narrator (even if she is a cat)... Not to mention, humor resounds throughout.

Autographed copies of the BooCat series can be purchased by sending an inquiry email to Barbara Sharik or writing It's Barbara's Business!, 16813 McGinty Road, Jones, Louisiana 71250. Autographed books purchased by mail are $25. This includes shipping and handling.